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Bali has a long tradition of Bali Usada, also known as Balinese traditional healing. This practice uses natural herbs and spices, holistic therapies and ancient wisdom to cure physical and mental illness. The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements are addressed in order to truly heal an ill patient. The rich Balinese culture includes a wealth of information on herbal remedies, massage and energy healing, customs that continue to thrive today. The lush Indonesian landscape produces a wide range of herbal medicines known as 'jamu', and the Balinese still consult Balians – traditional Balinese healers who work with divine energy. This respect for alternative healing modalities attracts and impressive number of leading international holistic healers, many of whom have settled in Bali to run their own practices.

Pak Cokorde Rai -  Traditional Balinese Healer


Pak Cokorde Rai is a Traditional Balinese Healer with many years experience;  based in the village of Negari, near Ubud.

Cokorde Rai works energy, with the aid of massage, to balance harmonise and re-energise the body mind spirit, thus enabling the healing of broken bones, strokes, impotence, depression, stress, sick organs and other more subtle problems.

He is an authentic Balian healer and works with many Balinese, helping to decide on auspicious days for marriages, cremation, house building etc as well as assisting them with physical and emotional problems. You will see many people in his compound who come to consult him, bringing offerings and gifts as well as monetary donations.

Blue can assist with translating his advice into English and interpreting his treatments.


Esoteric Balinese Healing Massage

Agung Wijaya is a well know practitioner of traditional Balinese healing, Indonesian herbal and and Pranic healing. He is a Kundalini Reiki master and a Shamballa Multi Dimensional practitioner.

Agung specializes in Oriental massage combined with relexology, accupressure to release blocked energy, head massage with aloe vera to refresh the mind, betel leaf, gallanga, and uncooked rice body scrubs for detoxing the body and rebalancing the Chakras.

Their Esoteric Treatment heals the body, mind and spirit. The process is:

1. beaming & scanning

2. intuitive massage

3. transference of energy of Shamballa and psychic surgery (if needed)

4. closing

Cost of treatment ranges from 60,000 rps to 300,000 rps. 

Wayan, Traditional Healer Mentioned in Eat, Pray, Love

 Fourth-generation Balinese healer Ni Wayan Nuriasih uses a combination of local herbal medicine plus Chinese and Ayurvedic practices, massages and jamu. Tourists generally receive a traditional health spa treatment designed to improve circulation and rejuvenate the skin. Visit with Wayan, for a reading, massage or just an herbal, therapeutic lunch. There are various options that she offers from a simple massage or a 1 hour assessment, prayer healing and herbal prescription which are the least costly at around $20.00. The massage is given by two persons and includes an egg facial and a scrub with healing leaves and also costs about $20.00.


Herbal Walks Through the Ricefields



Lilir and Westi are both qualified guides for unique tours of Ubud’s rice fields and ravines, which introduce the visitor to a wealth of natural remedies growing by the wayside. Ni Wayan Lilir was born at home in 1972 near Ubud and I Made Westi was born in Mambal, Badung in 1973.


their Mother and Father were both Balinese healers and farmer who have passed on to their children their knowledge, natural love and understanding of traditional herbalism


Knowledge of Balinese traditional herbal medicine came to us naturally through our families. We have also studied the Usada Bali, one of the traditional Balinese Books of Healing, and have spent a tremendous amount of time in the field studying Balinese plants and using them in our daily lives.


A young couple have committed themselves to help keep the tradition of Obat Asli Bali alive. Westi and Lilir met at a guiding course and quickly discovered they had a garden of things in common. Lilir's parent’s were healers and herbalists and relied heavily on traditional remedies for their brood of 11 children.




Westi's parents were farmers who remembered how much healthier the soil was before chemical farming. They were both inspired to use their position as guides to help preserve Bali's unique indigenous heritage.


Westi became deeply involved in qualifying himself to teach others about Bali's living pharmacy.  "I became interested in herbal remedies," he says. "My father was quite knowledgeable and I spent time learning from him before he died. Now I study with three traditional healers, but they are also very old. There is a real danger that this wisdom will die out if it is not recorded."


With the help of Melanie Templar, in 1997 Utama Spice was established. The company directly employs 15 staff and about 15 others indirectly.  "Utama Spice is a fair trade company," says Melanie. "This means living and working together harmoniously by caring for each other, our planet and its resources. We've done a lot of research to ensure our products contain no chemical additives."


Their range includes; a massage oil made according to traditional Balinese methods, a natural insect repellent, candles made from coconut wax and tree resins, bath and massage salts based on sea salt with plant extracts, body scrubs made with local healing tubers and many more products for home and spa.


Ayurvedic Medicine and Natural Healing

Natural Healing on Bali

Bali is recognized throughout the world as a unique island, which is inhabited by friendly and kind people who live amidst stunning natural beauty.

On this world-renowned ’Island of the Gods’ magical and mystical powers, generally connected with ancient healing and spiritual wisdom, abound even in this modern day. These powers are an integral part of Balinese life, and they can be felt and seen by sensitive and perceptive visitors to the island.

Daily rituals, ceremonies and offerings to the ancestors and deities contribute to an atmosphere that is very conducive for any spiritual practice and for all aspects of healing and personal transformation.

The areas surrounding Ubud have been attracting visitors from throughout the world, who come here to learn about Meditation and Yoga, and / or seek advice and treatment for health related issues.

The name ’Ubud’ is derived from an ancient Javanese word ’Ubad’ which literally translates as ’medicine’. From its very inception, this lovely village and the surrounding areas have been home to a wide variety of healers, healing traditions, spiritual guides, meditation teachers, Yoga classes and healthful foods.

Bali’s healing traditions, luscious tropical climate and fertile volcanic soils have created a home for an enormous heritage of precious medicinal herbs. Many of the key herbs and plants that are the basis for medicinal preparations in Ayurveda’s native India, are also found on Bali.

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